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At Caleb’s Van-ture, we provide a low cost, dependable, local, urgent and local courier service across Singapore.

The task of getting your documents and parcels from point A to B is not a complex principle, therefore at Caleb’s Van-ture, we offer a simple service with the right courier price for your needs.

We are the local courier professional. Whether you need a parcel or a document to be couriered in the country, our pleasant courier service will help you deliver it at a low cost which would save you both time and money.

We know our customers are time-poor, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up home internet business running out of Aunt Mavis’ garage or a large multinational in an impressive glass building, we have a freight solution to suit just about everyone.

Even if you’re just a small blogshop owner whom require courier service to a large MNC, we certainly have the right solution to suit your delivery needs.

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