Disassemble, Deliver & Assemble your Bed with Us

Not long ago, we got an email from one of our prospective clients to enquire if we are able to assist them with the delivery of their newly purchased bed frame. As we are specialise in parcels delivery, furniture delivery is usually quite rare though occassionally there are 1 or 2 request per week to deliver their furniture.

In addition, this client has a special request. Apart from the delivery request she made, she would like us to disassemble and assemble it back for her. After some discussion we eventually agreed on it.

Though the bunk bed was huge, we manage to disassemble it with the help of some tools:

The entire process of dis-assembling, delivery and assembling altogether took us 3 hours altogether. Though it was a tough job of carrying the items up the stairs, as both the pick-up and drop off locations are on the 2nd level. But at the end of the assembling. We felt a sense of satisfaction of being able to assist our customers the best we could.



To add on to our satisfaction of being able to assist our client, our client affirmed us saying: “Thank you for the job, it looks good. Rgds esther”

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